Some clients eh!

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I have just had a new client enquiry - well to start with it seemed like they were Accountants looking to outsource their bookkeeping to me. So I quoted based on transactions and they agreed, they then sent me a confidentiality agreement and a letter of engagement.

On reading they put that I agreed to do 2 years accounts and file submissions and deal with investigation within 2 weeks of receipt of documents. I actually said that I would be able to complete the bookkeeping in that time BUT on investigating the company they are not Accountants it is a marketing company.

I can't understand why they pretended to be an Accountants outsourcing a clients bookkeeping. I should of listened to the warning signs where they slated the last bookkeeper.

Anyway, I told them no way but can't believe that they must of thought I was stupid and wouldn't read what they wanted me to sign.

Sorry for the ramble but thought I would share, another one down to experience


  • Monsoon
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    Wow. Lucky escape by the sounds of it!
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