Thinking of changing my hair style - advice required please

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Hi Folks

I am a male of short stature - I am only 5 foot tall, and in order to give a superficial look of being taller than I actually am, I am thinking of changing my hair style. I am thinking of having my hair flipped backwards and give it a 'bounce'.

My question is - without having to wash my hair every day and putting lots of gel on in order to flip my hair backwards, are there any products on the market which I can put on my hair that would enable me to achieve this in an easier and quicker way? Is there anything I can have done to my hair at the hair dressers in order to achieve this?

Finally, before someone starts telling me on how to gain/maintain my confidence and take pride in my height, I would be most grateful if you could just kindly advice me on the question that I have asked.

Thanks in advance for your response


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Manjinder

    Have you discussed this with your hairdresser/barber?

    I can't suggest anything but there may be someone else who can.

    JC :o
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  • geek84
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    Hi Jo

    Thanks for your reply. How are you? Long time no speak!!

    How's your studies going? I have got my financial performance exam tomorrow. Let me know how you are getting along by sending me an email or PM me.

    And yes, I will speak to my local barber about my hair.
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