Independent inspection of school funds ie. large petty cash

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I am exempt from the MIP scheme as a regular subcontractor to practice. My kids school has asked if I can do the annual inspection of the school funds/records.

Can I do this, it will be voluntary so I think it is okay.. although not entirely sure??

Does anyone know please


  • anniem
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    I would just be inclined to double check who your inspection is going to be forwarded to and whether they will consider it acceptable.

    I know when I was on a school committee the records had to be reviewed by the School Bursar because he was a registered with the School Bursar Association (or something like that).

    It would be a complete pain to go to all the trouble only for them to be rejected on a technicality, especially if you're not getting paid to do it :-)

    Only a thought!

    Good luck

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    Thank you for your reply.. I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there!!

    Its only a very small primary school, the headteacher advised me that it was just on of the governors who did it last time so I'm more qualified....

    I might just email the MIP team and double check its not a problem from their point of view.
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