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I currently work for an accounting practice, outside of working hours I complete my dads VAT returns as he's just a small subbie quite basic stuff and I got to thinking I could probably do this professionally. Completing VAT returns for soletraders / simple ltd companies as well as possibly doing book-keeping.

I am only 19 and will just be doing simple jobs I can do like VAT returns and book-keeping on weekends, hopefully look at doing basic tax returns for 'simple' clients if i pass my taxation exam at ACCA as I reckon I have enough knowledge to get the basic ones correct.

How do i become self employed, I presume I have to register with HMRC in some way or another, I will still be working full time and would just like guidance on how to set up basically I could go to my boss to be quite frank i dont want a bill :laugh:

Any advice is greatly appreciated


  • paulstafford
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    If you are studying for ACCA they have strict rules on the services you can offer clients. Preparing self assessment tax returns is a no no. I would check with ACCA on the current rules before proceeding any further.

    Type into google ' how to register as self employed' and lo and behold the answer will appear.
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    As mentioned bt Paul ACCA rules are very strict and preparing tax returns whilst an ACCA student is a no no. Completing VAT should be fine though. Also, I would make sure your employer would be happy with this additional work, check your employment contract, it is possible you made need formal approval from them to be able to do additional work.

    Otherwise, sounds a good idea. If you can find the work it would build up your experience dealing with your own clients directly and would give you a feel for whether it would be an area would like to expand on in the future, hopefully when you have finished ACCA and have their full practising certificate. Good luck with it all.
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