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Has anyone got any advice on what the PEAF is like? I only attended one lesson January of this year and then had to defer it due to a family bereavement and have been told that I wouldn't need to attend any classes I could just read through the book at home and then do the practice assessments online prior to attending the exam.

Is this a straighforward module - I know some is common sense but any advice would be appreciated.

Level 3
CRS - Competent
AP1 & 2 - Competent
CMGT - Competent
SPST - Competent
ITX - Re-sit 12th October
PEAF - no exam date as yet


  • zaf1987
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    It is pretty much straight forward in my opinion , i did the exam after 2/3 days of reading revising the book. and did the exam in 20 minutes. saying that there are certain bits that can get tricky.

  • magda
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    I had the exam last Monday. I didn't find anything tricky and finished the exam in 30 mins. I had few questions about the risks.
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