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Hello all,

Does anybody knows, which excel version is used at BPP exam centres?




  • billdoor
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    I believe they all offer both versions and you choose which one you want. I sat CMPA with BPP at Shepherd's Bush and that was the case - might be worth giving them a call to clarify this is the case at every BPP centre.
  • Jurgita
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    Thanks for your advice, billdoor.
    I've rang today to BPP regarding this, but they told they need to check with IT team... Unfortunately they didn't come back to me...
    I believe a lot of people sat this exam already: could anyone tell me please, what did you get in your exam, which exel version was it based on, or you can expect any?
  • Spamkebab
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    Excel 2007 when i sat it last November.

    This was at Kaplan Manchester, and i like you was a little worried which version i would be using. A quick telephone call to the test centre sorted it out.

  • steveadams48
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    I am studying Spreadsheets with BPP at the moment, the tutor has posted that all computers have 2003 and 2007 available and you have choose which one you want to use.

    Hope that helps.
  • magda
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    I just had that exam on Monday, still waiting for the results. I had Excel 2003.
    The tasks were exactly as on CBA
    Good Luck
  • nightshade
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    It would appear to be mixed then.
    I sat on Wednesday and was just given 2007. My tutor had checked beforehand that Leeds used 2007 and that suited me just fine.
    Exactly as per your 'Muddlestone' practise test, oh and don't forget to put footers on everything!
    Best of luck!
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