AAT diploma before University?

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Hi, I want to go to University to study Accounting and Business studies. I'm not aiming for the top Uni's just something average. The UCAS points required are fairly low e.g. 270 or BBC or similar.

I am wondering if I should take an Accounting AAT Level 3 Diploma beforehand, which is part-time and lasts 36 weeks and in the meantime get a part-time job. I'm not looking to boost UCAS points, but to improve my CV. If I ever get a relevant degree I would not be able to enroll at the local college to take it. Basically it's now or never and I have no idea if it's worth it?

Next year, I will have an A-level in accounting, most likely grade B so what level what that lead to?
I also will have Economics, Personal Finance, ICT, English and Physics.


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    If you have the time and inclination....just do it! I never met anyone who hasn't benefitted from more study and learning.

    I'm 44yo and in the last 4 years I have gained a qualifacation in Stockbroking, Certificate in Financial Planning, Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and now I am going for the AAT level 3, prior to Level 4 then who knows! I also have a fulltime job so it gets tough.

    Like I said just do it....it aint gonna kill ya!

    Good Luck
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