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Hi All,

Having completed AAT levels 2 and 3 in the last 12 months I have moved onto level 4. I had taken level 2 via distance learning with Kaplan but then took level 3 as a self studier. I never used the tutor support so it seemed pointless in spending 3 times at much to have the option.

With the ICAS project not being a computer based exam, how will this work for a self studier. I have phoned a few exam centres but I get the impression that nobody I spoke to knew how I could actually take the project. I assume that I could once again just buy the study material, work through it and then pay for project through my usual Kaplan centre as with a normal exam.

However, anybody who could actually confirm this, or has done the project as a distance learner / self studier, the help and advice would be welcome!

Many Thanks



  • uknitty
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    You have to sit this unit with a training provider as your project is marked and assessed by a tutor not marked by a computer as per other units.
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