Fixed Asset Registers

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I am doing first year accounts for a new partership who design and build furniture. So I am compiling a list of assets, and wonder if there is a "material" amount which should be used- ie a tool costing £50- not a huge investment but one nonetheless and one that continues to be used in the business- but the list they have provided me with is extensive - as it was a start-up- do I list everything? thanks all.


  • wbauk2002
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    There should be a policy in place to what to capitalise, usually 50 isnt worth it, would you want to depreciate 50? No reason for it, little effect on p&l, usually very small businesses is about over 100, where I work its anything over 2000
  • Monsoon
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    My capitalisation limits are roughly:

    Very small business £300

    Larger small business £500
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