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Hi, my background is that I have been working in accountancy for about 30 years. I have been a member of the Inst of Financial Accountants since 1988.

Unfortunately I was made redundant last August 2011 and now considering my options. I am considering joining the AAT and studing for their qualifications as I think it will give me all some of the knowledge updates that I need plus I think they are more recognised than the IFA.

I have been asked to take on a couple of small clients but need to obtain practising certificates etc and register for money laundering etc.

If I joined the AAT as a student, and let my IFA membership lapse would I be able to prepare accounts and tax returns?

Just could do with some advice please really. I am not sure whether or not to go into private practice on my own.

I appreciate your help and time.


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    I would not let your IFA membership lapse no matter the reason.

    I think the best place for you to post this question would be over on the Bookkeepers Forum.

    I have the same name there too, so if you see me kicking about, give me a shout. I am more than positive that you will get the answer you are looking for.

    Good luck,

  • snute2008
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    Thanks Neil for answering, I will repost my question there as you suggest.

    Sorry but where would I find the book-keeping forum?
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    Hi Spamkebab,

    can you please share your evidence source for ACCA members transferring to IFA. I can not quite understand why you would want to do that and would like to research more deeply into it. Thanks
  • Spamkebab
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    Sorry Steve, i have deleted that bit as i have posted wrong.

    I hope this doesn't deter the OP from seeking help regarding IFA qualifications over on the other forum.

    Sorry for any troubles i may have caused.
  • stevef
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    No problems or trouble caused - ta
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