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I am quite annoyed at the moment as it's taken nearly 2 months for me to get feedback on my initial ICAS report draft. I started the project in May and submitted my first draft at the beginning of July, which I thought would give me enough time to make the necessary adjustments once I get the feedback from the assessor.

I wait for a month only to get an email back to say that they were not able to open the documents I uploaded - but surely it wouldn't take them a whole month before they tried to open the documents?! I was then requested to send the report and mapping document by email to Kaplan who would forward them to the assessor for feedback, and I did this immediately within the next 2 or 3 days.

I then wait another month and still hear no reply from anybody, so I send them an email to chase up and I then receive my feedback within the next week. However, the main point from the feedback was that I needed to map the points against the mapping document which they hadn't received yet - but the mapping document had been uploaded initially and also emailed to them when they said they could not open the uploaded documents! What I don't understand is that if a document was still missing, why was I not informed? It seemed like they had just left my report aside and if I hadn't chased them first, they would probably not have marked it at all.

I feel like there has been such a lack of communication resulting in the delay of me receiving feedback on this ICAS report.... and I now only have 2 weeks left before the deadline to come up with my final draft. Mega stressed out now....

Do you guys think I would be able to request for an extension to the deadline based on the circumstances?


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    Definitely. The providers have the ability to extend deadlines for certain circumstances and, given the delays that you report, I think you would definitely qualify.

    I would email your contact at Kaplan in the first instances detailing the whole process as you have done here (and highlighting their lack of communication especially) and ask them to confirm that they are granting you an extension.

    If you have no joy with this then you will be able to complain directly to the AAT. The providers are set a guideline of approximately two weeks for giving feedback on drafts/submissions. While it can take longer than that (and up to a month seems to be considered reasonable), the saga you are facing would not be considered acceptable.

    Go to Kaplan in the first instance though to give them a chance to resolve it to your satisfaction.

    Good luck!
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