Level 4 Budgeting - what's the exam like

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Has anyone sat the Level 4 Budgeting assessment yet, and if so was it similar to the practice assessments?

Any tips on the written questions?

Been doing the practice assessments but they are all basically the same questions with some slight variations. Just wondering if there are going to be any surprises in the assessment?


  • omega man
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    Yes i have sat the budgeting exam on 27th September.
    They will make the figures more difficult for you by using unrounded numbers,in other words say u have 72,000 with 10% wastage,which is 80,000,the exam will have it as 3999 with say 25% wastage which is 5332,unless you know how to work the figure out quickly you will lose time.
    Also i had a surprise on the number of machines,it was changed to % of output.
    Written questions well nothing very out of ordinary here except you need to give yourself time,i think i missed off the last bit of 2.3 but i am confident i passed and finished with 52 minutes too spare.
    I have my financial performance on 25th October,this is a little harder as you have 2 more calc questions to do and written is more involved too.
  • Jo Clark
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    My advice would be to take your time, don't rush the calculations and ensure you read and re-read the questions.

    You have 2.5 hours for this exam (I think) so I would ensure that you don't rush through the questions. Use all the time available to you if you need to. If you do finish early, read through your questions again to ensure you are happy with the calculations and also the written questions.

    Don't panic and good luck!

    JC :)
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
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  • janwal
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    Budgeting is my first exam on 6th December. Our tutor has given us some written questions to due over half term and then she will mark them for us. I'm not to worried about the questions just about the time factor and not the quickest of typist and get worked up when put under pressure.....oh well deep breath :001_unsure:
  • Jo Clark
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    You have the right approach, don't panic, deep breath and stay calm.

    Don't worry about not being a fast typist. I think it is important to make sure that you include all the key points relevant to the question when writing your answer. I don't think writing an essay will gain you extra points. I think you need to be brief whilst ensuring you have answered the question. I read on this forum a long long time ago that a student studying CIMA (I think) used P.E.A - make a point, explain it and apply to the question. This may or may not help in your exam and other students may also find P.E.A useful for AAT and further studies.

    JC :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
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