Free London event this Saturday 20 October 2012: HMRC Engagement - Auto Enrolment

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A colleague has just told me there are spaces available at this event on Saturday so I thought I'd post the details as it may be of interest:

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HMRC Engagement - Auto Enrolment and RTI
Holiday Inn London - Regents Park

AM Session:

Auto Enrolment with Andy Agathangelou, Head of Strategic Relationships, Close Brothers Asset Management
The main aims of the session are to explain:-
  • The new Employer’s Duties under the new Workplace Pensions/Auto-Enrolment regime
  • The financial, operational and regulatory risks associated with the new Employer’s duties
  • The vital role that technology must play in overcoming the many inherent difficulties in successfully complying with the requirements
  • How a collaborative approach may enable AAT members to turn the changes that are taking place into commercial opportunity
Outline of the session:
  • Why is Auto-Enrolment happening?
  • How much time is there before the changes impact?
  • What are the new Employer Duties that must be complied with?
  • What are the consequences of non-compliance?
  • What will be the financial and operational impact?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How can those risks be mitigated?
  • Why is it so important that HR., Finance, Payroll, Legal, Tax and Pensions Departments work cohesively?
  • Why is a well-organised, project-management approach the only effective way forward?
  • How can technology help?
PM Session:

RTI session with Maggie Anderson - Head, Stakeholder Engagement Team HMRC RTI Programme

This talk is aimed at ensuring employers, Agents and Tax Professionals are prepared for the introduction of real time reporting for PAYE - in particular ensuring awareness of the information requirements for RTI and actions that all employers should be taking in order to be ready for RTI’ s introduction in April 2013.

Outline of the session:
  • What are the main changes for payroll?
  • What won’t change?
  • The Pilot
  • Recent announcements
  • What is HMRC doing now?
  • Preparing for real time reporting – Key actions
  • Help and Support
Book HMRC Engagement - Auto Enrolment and RTI
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