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Hi all

I write this before attending the MIP introduction morning in London on Saturday which i am really looking forward to to tell the truth.

I am thinking of starting to offer services as self employed to run alongside my job as a trainee accountant for a practise in London as my career as a semi professional footballer draws to an end:sad:.

I am a Member of AAT currently and also student member of ACCA and apart from the restrictions that ACCA place can anyone give me any advice or tips when starting out?

One example is which software to use. I am familar with Sage line 50, QB and FreeAgent so would it be best to stick to what you know or is there better out there for bookkeeping?



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    Oh I am attending the MIP event as well on Saturday! I have passed all my exams but I am yet to apply for MIP status although I have a few clients and have all the essentials in place like Money Laundering and PI. I must admit I havent bought any software as I dont have enough clients to justify the costs. But it will become more important soon when I get a few more clients and excel is not enough:001_smile:
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