APII through self-study...?

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Hi folks,

First post, although I've been lurking for a while - be nice! Passed L2 all very smoothly last year, have now started L3. I did PEAF and ITX over the summer through self-study and passed both of those exams.

I've now started API through an online learning thing...at significant cost! Wanted to play it safe and have lectures, support, etc. It all seems to be going well so far (touch wood) but I am wondering whether it would be wise to attempt APII through self-study again (I'm just being a cheapskate really, but obviously I don't want to waste time and fail it).

Any thoughts/experiences welcome!

Thanks :001_smile:


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    Hi Jodieee, welcome to the forums:001_smile:

    I'm in a very similar situation to you as I'm on my fourth Level 3 module and am also doing self-study (having done Level 2 online learning). I wasn't sure at the beginning whether or not it was wise but so far it has proved to be!

    I've done AP1 and AP2 using just the books - my suggestion is that if you're picking up AP1 okay then try AP2 as self-study, as it's a shorter module and if you find AP1 okay then you should be fine with AP2.

    I'm currently doing Cash Management as self-study and was a little worried having read on here that some people find it horrible but I'm finding it okay so far, having almost completed the book.

    So I'd say go for it as self-study. If you get stuck and have no tutor to go to for help, then try using the search function on these forums as you'll probably find someone else has had the same problem. Or you could always post on here asking for advice.

    The only thing better than passing an exam is knowing that you've saved yourself a lot of money too:thumbup1:
  • Jodieee
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    billdoor wrote: Β»
    The only thing better than passing an exam is knowing that you've saved yourself a lot of money too:thumbup1:

    Couldn't agree more! Thanks for your advice. I think I'll definitely give it a darn good go :001_smile:
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    Excellent, good luck with it.:001_smile:

    I've just worked out how much I've saved doing the first 4 modules as self-study - Β£700! Now there's an incentive.:laugh:
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    Hello, sorry to butt in on this thread.....but.....;).......I am currently doing Level 2 AAT, have just WEAF and Sage to pass and am looking at doing level 3. I have used an online provider for all of Level 2, and i really can't fault them, however, i have found that apart from marking practice exams and guidance with booking external exams, I havent actually used them, they have been an expensive extra! For level 3, I was thinking of going it alone, and after reading this thread, I think it's possible, however, can I ask which books you use for your studies please?!

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    Hi Rachel

    I use BPP books and they've seen me through so far, I'm yet to find a question in an assessment that hasn't been covered by the book.

    I also sit my exams with BPP and they're easy to book and not too expensive either. :001_smile:
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    Thank you for your speedy response!!

    I was looking at getting the osborne books but I will look into the BPP Books!

    Unfortunately, my two nearest centres and Pitman and an independent exam centre with a bad attitude and customer service. For Level 2 exams, both centres charge Β£78 per exam!!!!!! As you can imagine, I am pretty gutted about that as by the sounds of it, most people are paying a lot less :(
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    I've heard good things about Osborne books too, never seen one though.

    It's a shame about the test centres, BPP charge Β£36 for Level 3 (Β£33 for Level 2) even though I'm not enrolled on any courses so am an external student. Other places add in an admin fee and / or a fee for being an external student.

    Is there anywhere near-ish that you can travel to? I have to go about 45 miles for my exams which isn't great.
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    Hi Rachel,

    I used the BPP books for the first two L3 modules I did (self-study) and found they did the job! I'm currently doing API with Kaplan Live Online, and I don't think I have quite taken to the style of their study materials...although it's probably just personal preference. Have sat my exams at a Kaplan centre as well and they've been ok - certainly cheaper than what you've had! Hope that helps :001_smile:
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    I have also used BPP books for my level 2 and 3 through self study at home. I decided the cost of distance learning was too much and found that the BPP books had all the information that I needed. I bought the BPP question books for the level 2 modules however I found that a lot of the practice exams were duplicates of what is on the AAT website. So for level 3 I am just using the study text, I find Sainsbury's online book store is the cheapest with free and quick delivery. I use Acacia training to book my exams which is Β£60 per exam including the AAT fee and their centre fee.
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    Thanks for the responses, I dont know how to set this thingy up so i get notifications when someone replys though!!

    I have just got to do my WEAF assesment for level 2, then, work will get incredibly busy over December so I am going to start level 3 by myself in January. Tonight actually, I managed to win all the BPP books for level 3 on ebay for a bargain price, so I'm really excited about just casually reading through AP1 and AP2 to see how it sinks in, I'm then going to use that as a guide for whether I need to sign up to my current training provider for Level 3!

    With regards to Exam Fees, I live in Peterborough and my nearest BPP centre is 30miles away in Cambridge, which is a bit of a pain to drive and park, but I was thinking, if I could do a couple of exams each time I go, I'll be saving the Β£45 each exam admin fee my local Pitman Training charge!!

    Thanks for your replies guys, its really appreciated :)
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    Hi everyone,

    This is a good thread. I too had this dilemma when I started AAT. I am currently closing in on finishing level 4 and I have kept my costs to a minimum. I did so by purchasing just the Osborne tutorial books for each unit (Β£12 + delivery), taking all of the practice exams from this AAT index.. http://www.aat-interactive.org.uk/elearning/new/ and booking my exams with the ever efficient BPP (Β£38).

    This process has worked really well for me. Do not be afraid to self study as you can always use these forums for any queries you have, although it may not suit everyone.

    Level 2 - 2011
    Level 3 - 2012
    Level 4 - 2013

    F4 - Corporate Law - Dec 2015 (passed)
    F5 - Performance Management - Dec 2014 (passed)
    F6 - Taxation - Dec 2013 (passed)
    F7 - Financial Reporting - Jun 2014 (passed)
    F8 - Audit & Assurance - Dec 2015 (passed)
    F9 - Financial Management - Jun 2015 (passed)
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    Hello, this is my first post on this forum too, and I am in a very similar situation. I passed WEAF today, just need to do Computerised Accounting, and am thinking about beginning Level 3. I have also found Level 2 fairly straightforward, and was wondering about just doing self study for Level 3.

    The main thing that was worrying me was that in the AAT info for getting started on qualifying, it lists 'register with a training provider' as one of the essential steps, but it seems from what has been said above that it is OK to go it alone?

    Also, I am not really sure yet (am only just starting to think about this) how the Level 3 modules are assessed, are there any of the modules where you have to be with a provider in order to sit the assessment?

    Thank you!
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    are there any of the modules where you have to be with a provider in order to sit the assessment?

    only spreadsheets in level 3
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