Level 3- is this possible?

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Hi every one,

i sat Level 2 at college last year. once i passed i decided to go AAT Level 3 distant learning so i could do it at my own pase (college was too slow for me)

However- life got in the way... i started in june and sat my first exam in Sept ... not through struggling with the work but i just didnt give myself time to look at my books i let me life get in the way....so now i want to finish Level 3 as quick as possible.

This is my plan:

AP1- Passed- 20/09/12
AP2- PAssed- 15/10/12
SPSW- to sit 3rd Nov
CMGT- to sit 17th Nov
ITX- End of Nov
PEAF- begining Dec
CRS- end of december.

My plan is i think the spreadsheet exam looks quite straight forward- i do a lot of daily spreadsheet work including V-look ups ect so dont think i will have to spend much time revising. so i am thinking....1 week from now looking at spreadsheets..... then take 3 weeks to look at CMGT (one week before SPSW exam and then 2 weeks after)

MY question is am i giving myself enough time to study CMGT or am i trying to rush it too quickly?

has any one else spent 2/3 weeks on CMGT and passed?


  • SarahJS
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    It completely depends on you - I sat all the level 3 exams within a month of getting my books, whilst I was working (not in a relevant job.

    February was a very busy month for me though!

    If you think you can do it just have a go!
  • billdoor
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    I'm doing CMGT at the moment as self-study - I'd say giving yourself 2/3 weeks for it is fine so long as you can find the time to do the studying. I planned on doing it in 2 weeks but added a week in as I had my driving test last weekend.

    If it helps, I work along similar timescales to you and am doing Level 3 in roughly the same order, at the same time:

    AP1 - 3 weeks - passed
    AP2 - 2 weeks - passed
    SPSW - 2 weeks - passed (this module is straightforward btw if you have a decent working knowledge of Excel but make sure you do read the textbooks properly too)
    CMGT - 2/3 weeks
    ITX - 1 week
    PEAF - 2 weeks
    CRS - 3/4 weeks as it's near Christmas

    I think you should be fine, just make sure you prepare properly. Good luck:001_smile:
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