APII through self-study...?

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Hi folks,

Thought I'd try posting on the L4 forum, since you're the ones who have actually been through it!
I passed L2 all very smoothly last year, have now started L3. I did PEAF and ITX over the summer through self-study and passed both of those exams.

I've now started API through an online learning thing...at significant cost! Wanted to play it safe and have lectures, support, etc. It all seems to be going well so far (touch wood) but I am wondering whether it would be wise to attempt APII through self-study again (I'm just being a cheapskate really, but obviously I don't want to waste time and fail it).

Any thoughts/experiences welcome!

Thanks :001_smile:


  • SashaDella
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    I haven't taken AP2 yet, but there is alot less to digest work wise than AP2. Look through the book and see how you feel.

    You'll know yourself whether your confident enough :D Good Luck!!
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    I have self-studied most of level 3 and level 4 units, with all first time passes (waiting on BTX). I started with the online classroom API, APII & FNST, then thought I'd see if I could self study a few, reasoning if I failed I'd go back to the online classroom.

    I think it depends on the type of student you are, I preferred the flexibility of self-studying - I could really labour sections I struggled with or scan easier parts. The worse part was the severe eye strain from all the intense reading, I had to get stronger glasses and take more reading breaks - I read fiction to relax so real problem!!

    I used to look at copies of the text and see if it seemed feasible, although with EXA (my first level 4 self-study) the words all merged into one!! So I would definitely look over the text and see how you feel, but it is possible ... I have only got ICAS to go!!

    All the best, and let us know what you decide!!
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