How Do I Get A Website... For Free

I saw something on here a while ago about google webpages, and then buying a domain for £8 a year and then somehow you can build a website through this.

Please can some elloborate :D


  • *Jo
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    Hi Sasha,

    Is this the thread you were looking for?

    I asked a while ago how to launch a website as my partner was then looking for work. He has since found alternative employment working as a graphic designer and a printer with a small company in Kidderminster.

    We might consider the website idea at somepoint for him to set up freelance but he has the skills to design and build it himself.

    Hopefully you can find what your after.

  • HLapper
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    Free website, sign up for (if you're not already signed up). when you're signed in;
    go to the home page then Click more (top bar) >> Even more (bottom of the drop down list) >> Sites (Halfway down the page under home and office).

    I used this to set up my first ever website about two year ago ( ).

    I hope this was helpful, please feel free to contact me for more detailed or further help and instructions.

  • mrdna
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    Hi, I'm not sure what your level of familiarity is with website maintenance etc so this might not be an option for you, but if you are wanting something more flexible, with preinstallable scripts for content/forums/etc and databases, there are a range of free hosts out there and some are pretty good. For my own tinkering I use x10hosting ( - they provide you with your own subdomain but you can use any domain you've previously purchased elsewhere as an add-on. I've found them pretty reliable in the year I've been with them and there are no ads or anything of that nature.

  • geek84
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    Hi Folks

    If a website can be set up as cheaply as mentioned above, why do some individuals pay large sums of money to get a website created?

    Is there anything 'special' about those websites? e.g. they rate higher up if an indivisual uses a search engine etc?

    Any comments much appreciated.
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