Completed AAT level 4, but no work experince

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I have just completed AAT level 4 that summer, but no work experince of accounting. My previous experince were office duties like admin assistant and photoshop too. I have been unemployee for 2 years and have been full time mother. Now I am ready to return back to job. I have been looking for a job of accountant assistant, bookkeeping, sales/pucrhases ledger clerk at REED..etc for almost month, but no luck :( I was advised to work as accountant volunteer to gain experince, but there is problem that I have no one to look after my younger kid. If I have paid work, I could afford to pay childcare through working tax credit scheme.

In the future I would like to study ACCA. Firstly I want to go to work and to gain experince.

how did people find job while studying AAT or completing it?

Is ACCA apprenticeships worth? Has anyone experineced through it?

let me know it asap :-)


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    Hi Linda,

    certainly not my route to accounts but happy to give friendly advice. Sorry if the following is not a direct answer but it may be of help.

    Unfortunately the job market is extremely competitive at the moment as you are experiencing. which is a tricky situation for people such as yourself who are more than willing to work.

    Couple of questions: Whereabouts are you in the country? and how many agencies have you registered with?

    The first step is to polish your CV and make it sparkle, have it looked at by people in the know to make sure it sells you in the best possible light. Basically send your CV everywhere once you are happy with it. A poor CV will get put straight in the bin as there are so many applicants for jobs at present.

    Top tip for agencies, don't trust them to find you a job, they need to be chased about once a week check in to see if there is any news and build the relationship you want (this has a positive side effect that you are showing commitment and eager to get a job and work hard)

    Recruitment pages: look at Reed, Monster etc regularly (twice a week minimum)

    Job center pages have a number of jobs not listed by agencies, apply!

    To answer your question more on topic, for your situation write to some local accounts firms, they may let you do some volunteered work from home, explain your circumstances and hopefully someone will lend you a hand along the way, but you have to ask in the right places and be genuine as you have with your post :)

    I wish you all the best in finding your way into our very rewarding profession.

    I hope this was of some help, Any questions feel free to ask.
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