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Marky Astra
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Hey everyone,

Just wondered if anyone had come across any software, or cloud based (online) software that is good for planning for an accountant, things im sort of looking for are:

Process of requesting records

Dates for: receiving records / completing jobs

Process of where the current work is at: when started / when completed (even a simple traffic light system would be useful, so red not started, amber in process, green section complete etc)

We are currently using a good old excel spreadsheet which works fairly well but i just think there must be an easier way to do it than this, and with the spreadsheet with quite a few dates on it can sometimes get confusing. Especially as the spreadsheet is shared so it can only be opened by one person at a time, therefore if your on a read-only version of it you sometimes forget to put the dates in when you should.

Any suggestions would be great :)




  • JodieR
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    where is your spreadsheet saved? ours is on a server and it's set up so it can be accessed and modified by both of us simultaneously. We also colour in the boxes even if they have dates in them:

    Green - Me to do
    Blue - assistant to do
    Pink - waiting for info from client or HMRC or elsewhere
    Yellow - done
    Grey - not required

    Works fine for us!
  • blobbyh
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    You need to enable the Share Workbook function in Excel so that more than one person can edit it at the same time. This does disable some things though so occasionally the 'sheet controller' will need to retake possession if major reformatting is needed or even extra rows or columns added. I think it also disables any macros that are recorded in the workbook.
  • Marky Astra
    Marky Astra Registered Posts: 45 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi Both, thanks for your replys..

    The spreadsheet is saved on our server but think it was jsut set up by one of the admin staff so doubt the shared workbook or anything was set up.

    We are also using colours - probably a few too many for my liking. I think the biggest problem is people not actually using it enough. Thats why i was thinking for of an online software based solution as reminders would be easier to set up for all users then.

    thanks again for your replies, greatly appreciated, i shall have a look into sharing the excel for now :001_smile:
  • blobbyh
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    To share a workbook, go to the "Review" tab on the toolbar at the top, choose "Share Workbook" and then tick the box that says "Allow changes..."

    You could consider using another software solution but it's always best to first explore the resources you already have before investing in others.
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