Your Association needs your input on RTI

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Hello AAT members,

Notices are now appearing on payroll desks all over the country signalling the implementation of Real Time Information (RTI) by HMRC. (Learn more about RTI in this AAT Comment article)

Employers have to start complying from April 2013, which is less than six months from now; and yet a recent survey by KPMG suggested that 66% of businesses have yet to start planning for the change.

So: what are you/your employer/your clients doing? AAT wants to hear from members who have started preparations, or members who may be involved in the pilot scheme which HMRC tells us is working so well.

Is your employer dealing with the new records to be kept, identifying the new data to be reported and are your clients cooperating with your efforts to make sure they comply?

There's still time to influence HMRC’s reporting requirements, but only if we know what the practical effects of the new reporting scheme will be on employers, particularly the smallest of employers who are probably using licensed AAT members in practice as their payroll provider.

If you have any practical experiences to share or wish to assist AAT with representation work, please email [email protected] and offer your information and time for the benefit of all AAT members.

Similarly, if you have concerns about RTI that are not covered by HMRC's current guidance, we may be able to put these queries to HMRC's Stakeholder Management team. Are there discrepancies/inconsistencies in HMRC's guidance which you think could be clarified? Are there considerations it has missed out?

It's part of AAT's remit to fairly and comprehensively represent the views of its membership. You pay your fees for this purpose, so please ensure you contribute to our work on this vital topic if you can.




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