Passed Budgeting

I passed my budgeting exam and got financial performance tomorrow.
Going to try and get feedback on how i did now.
The results were quicker than i expected,it took only 4 weeks.


  • Clintm15
    Clintm15 Registered Posts: 248 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Congratulations. :)

    Good luck with FNFP. (Not that you will need it)
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  • missm4ry4m
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    Congratulations! Well done.

    I have my Budgeting exam next month! Was it hard?
  • aaron0121
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    Congratulations :)

    I remember reading on a previous thread that you sit your exams at Kaplan in Birmingham, will you be
    studying ACCA/CIMA next and if so are you going to be sticking with Kaplan?

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  • janwal
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    I have Budgeting on 6th December, any tips grateful

  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    Thanks all.
    Clint well i got my feedback and exceeded in every task except my first written task which i met,this all bodes well for tomorrow.
    Missm-No it was not hard as long as you study hard and have a natural instinct for accounting.
    Aaron-Yes i am with Kaplan Birmingham will be there tomorrow,if i go further it will be CIMA and i will distance learn it probably 2 modules at a time and with Kaplan yes,but i need to get back into accounting after being out of it for a while,i have no "relevant experience",only 6yrs pure accounting for an engineering business and up to 15yrs if include when i had my own business,all on a manual basis though.
    Make sure you practice the CBT's,i just got the AAT to correct FNPF cbt no 3,they have put a more inclusive answer to question 2.1 i think it is.Gearing and debt to equity.
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