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I've been a Full Member for 2 years now, I am employed by my father and carry out all the office work for his gardening business. I really want to move away from the family business but no sure I am confident enough to start up on my own just yet. I live in a small island and jobs with accounting firms are few and far between, has anyone tried approaching firms to ask for work placements for a day a week or volunteering? Has it been successful?


  • guinea pig
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    Hi Lisaloo,
    Good idea, but it may depend on where you are based, and what is available locally. Some years ago, during a career break, I did some voluntary work at the the London head office of a large charity, this was very interesting, and extremely helpful experience.
    Maybe you could take on a treasurers role for a local voluntary organisation?
    Good luck
  • lisaloo
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    Thanks GP, I'm up in Orkney, right at the top of Scotland although I'm sure the charities would be a good place to start and all experience counts.


  • ketysmith
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    Good idea, very well :)
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