How early can I apply for MAAT?

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Hi all,

I've tried searching and either I'm not looking hard enough or it's not out there, but can I apply for MAAT in advance of getting the required work experience? I gain my 12 months of experience at the beginning of December (5th December, counting down the days!) and I have already completed all of my exams. I'd like to submit my experience early (due to CIMA exams/revision and then month end taking up my time) and my manager has already said that he'll sign it off, but do I need to wait until I've actually gained it?




  • Diddy Mau
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    Hello Amanda.

    You can start the submission for the MAAT Status, I did.
    If I remember right, its under the MAAT tab, there you can start your application. there are 3 parts to complete, so for work experience, you need 1 years worth, but there is nothing stopping you giving this in installments.
    Once your manager approves a 'tick' appears, once all complete and final exam passed, you will be put forward to MAAT status.

    Hop this helps
  • mandatory
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    Thank you for the advice Diddy Mau, it looks like I will start preparing today!
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