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3rd attempt at FNST HELP!!!!

Loz1234Loz1234 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 50
Hi All

I will be sitting the Financial Statements exam for the 3rd time in December.

I'm ok with creating the statements but struggle with the IAS's and mainly the written tasks.

Does anyone have any tips on studying these parts of the exam?

I really want to pass it this time but cannot seem to get my act together with regards to studying properly and getting the information to actually stay in my head. I seem to read the info and then the next thing its out of my head.

I'm really struggling as I just want to pass as its my last exam and then I'll be finished with level 4!

Can anyone help me???? :sad:


  • Chimpette22Chimpette22 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 75
    Hi Loz,

    I'm completely with you on this. I haven't taken my statements exam yet, but I can't even set a date as I'm really struggling with the IAS's and all the information you have to take in.

    I hope you get the informatoin that will help you, although alas I can't give you it, I just wanted you to know your in good company :001_smile:
    Fully AAT qualified July 2015
  • Loz1234Loz1234 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Hi Chimpette22

    I'm glad I'm not alone!!!

    I thought I was just been really thick.

    On my last exam I got a few borderline results which really annoyed me because if they'd had marked them as a meets I would have passed.


    Good Luck with your studying and I hope we both pass soon!!!
  • Steve CollingsSteve Collings Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 997

    I wrote this article back in June to help FNST students understand what the chief assessor is looking for. Have a look and see if it helps you.

    Kind regards
  • craigbrown2602craigbrown2602 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 17
    Hi Loz,

    I feel your pain, I just found out I failed FNST (for probably my 3rd time) It gets frustrating seeing the words 'Not Yet Competent' in my exam results! I've got three exams to pass, although I've felt like throwing in the towel, I will not give up.

    Fingers crossed for your exam in December.

  • Loz1234Loz1234 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Hi craigbrown2602

    Yes I've felt like throwing the towel in too loads of time.

    Hopefully we will get there soon and be able to put MAAT after our names!!

    Good Luck with your studies Craig
  • WendgjWendgj Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    I am also sitting my FNST for the 3rd time. I haven't set a date yet but plan to sit it in a couple of weeks time.
    I have spent alot of time practicing the numerical questions so tat I feel reasonably happy that I can pass that part and I am now going to spend a week reading, writing out the IAS's. Then the week before I sit the exam I will do lots of practice papers in the hope to bring ot all together.
    You do know that there are several IAS's that are not accessable now.
    Good luck, 3rd time lucky :)
  • Loz1234Loz1234 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Hi Wendgj

    Its the IAS's that I mainly struggle with and writing about them and their definitions.

    I've typed them all out but there is just so much information in some of them I can't think for the life of me how I will remember all of it.

    Do you know which ones aren't assessable and which ones are most commonly assessed?

    I just booked my exam because I thought if I don't book it I never will. I'm sitting mine 11th December so I've got a few more weeks studying. But I also work full time and I'm currently pregnant so I don't get as much time to study as I would like. Not an excuse but I find it hard to study at home and concentrate fully. I prefer to study in my lunch hours and after work at my desk.
  • WendgjWendgj Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    I read them, write them down and think I have conquered it. But then half hour later I try to write them agian and I can't remember a thing!

    Check the website, AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting, Financial Statements, Guidance - version with changes high lighted. it will be a few less to learn but to coin a phase "Every Little Helps"

    Keep going, I know how easy it is to throw the towel in, I have been tempted so many times but I have this exam and Financial Performances to pass then I have qualified. Come too far to give up now.
  • WendgjWendgj Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    I took my FNST exam fir the 3rd time today. There wasn't as much on the standards this time, 5 multiple choice question and 1 asking the definition of an intangible asset. Once again I struggled on the written question regarding ratios, but for the first time ever my consolidated statement of financial position balanced - I nearly yelled out!!
  • Loz1234Loz1234 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Well fingers crossed Wendgj

    I remember when I sat my exam I was going back through the questions and checking my answers and one of my statements didn't balance so I tried to get it to balance and managed to do it. At which point I yelled 'YES'

    Good job there was only 1 other person in the room with me but I bet they thought I was a weirdo!

    Its really easy to get so passionate when you actually do something right in an exam.

    Good luck for your results and let me know what you get.

    My resit is in 4 weeks!! AARRRGGGHHH
  • Chimpette22Chimpette22 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 75
    Does anyone know if the IAS's are written anywhere already in bullet form..?

    Would surely make it easier for us to study, after I've read them in the book I kind of drift off to my own headspace, so nothing is staying in my brain.. arrrggghhhh!
    Fully AAT qualified July 2015
  • CovTeejCovTeej Feels At Home Registered Posts: 41
    I sat my FNST for the 3rd time last night and it didn't seem quite so heavily reliant on the IASs as the previous exams, or at least that is how it felt to me. I felt happy when I left the room having answered every question to the best of my ability, still concerned that Ratios have let me down, there just seems to be a black hole where they should be in my brain! My results are due on the 31st December so am thinking that with the Christmas break I will probably be waiting until the middle of January for my results.

    Good luck to all.
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