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I have got my financial statements exam next week and i am worried i am going to fail - any advice/help people can give with revision and learning all the standards.



  • Tjcgti
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    Hi emily,

    Do the practice CBT's on your myAAT login. Understand the reasons for the answers when going through them.
    I was overwhelmed with all the standards but the 'International Accounting Standards (factsheet)' again on the myAAT login helped.
    The day before the exam, the morning of the exam even, I crammed in the standards and if you do the writing questions first its easier to remember as you have just read them.
    You feel like you are going to fail because there is so much to remember. I know as I felt like this, but when you revise and pass a few of the practice exams you feel better for it and confident.
    Finally do lots of practice writing questions to get a feel for what they are asking.

    Hope that helps!
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