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ICAS Project

willjb15willjb15 New MemberRegistered Posts: 11

I have just started my ICAS project and i am struggling to get to grips with it.

I have decided to complete my project on the Purchase Ledger System including the Payment run. If there are any tips you can give me on Fraud or the Swot analysis and how it should be laid out for the project.

Many thanks,



  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    Hi Will,

    When I did my unit 10 Project (as it was known then) I chose to base mine on moving from cheque payments to BACs.

    For my swot analysis I did a 4 box grid with the titles laid out and bullet points. As I work in industry in the same office as the purchase ledger administrator and cover her when she is absent it was easy tto get a list of SWOT's based on my company. For strengths and weaknesses think about things such as speed of current payment run. Skills of staff processing. Customer feedback (ours don't like being paid by cheque). Cost of current system including staff hours costs of actual payment per supplier e.g. cheque cost, printing, postage, remittance, envelope, costs of the bank cashing the cheque etc. The opportunitys are how you can improve your weaknesses and what new systems are out their that have been tried and tested by others that you can dupplicate. Threats are what could happen such as risk of fraud, theft of cheques, dupplication of payments, system failure, basically anything that could go wrong.

    For fraud I listed possible instances of fraud such as theft of cheques, dummy invoices, staff theft, dupplicate payments to encourage kick backs. There is loads of possible fraud that could be commited. I also from memory described what we had in place at our company to prevent such fraud such as locking cheques away. Checking of payment run, different individuals doing different stages of payment. Audits etc.

    It all starts coming out when you start jotting down a few ideas.

    Good Luck

  • willjb15willjb15 New Member Registered Posts: 11
    Hi Jo,

    Another query is on the legislation acts.

    Do they want to see specific acts to the company or general acts for all companies?

    Many thanks,

  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    Hi Will,

    As i'm at work I haven't got my completed project in front of me and can't remember specific requirements but for that I would quote a full general ones such as Payment of Tax, Employment law etc etc and see if you can find one or two specific to your organisation such as if you work for a casio your employers would have certain legislation regarding gambling. If you work for somewhere selling alcohol again specific legislation would come into play.
    I hope this helps. Without seeing the specific content you are being asked to include and knowing what kind of organisation you work for or are studying its very hard to answer.
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