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Paul Gilleade
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I have just received confirmation that I am AAT registered for the MIP scheme. I am registered for - Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting and Accounts Preparation, Management Accounting, Budgeting and Forecasting, Payroll, Value Added Tax, Computerised Accountancy Systems. I also have the relevant PI insurance and employers/public liability insurance in place. I have a web site, which is up and running, an email address and a name for the business.

I have 20+ years of experience in accounts, including sales ledger, purchase ledger, cash book, nominal, and payroll. I can produce accounts to trial balance, full profit and loss, VAT submissions, Payroll end of year - basically what I would determine as a good book keeping service and something that a client would be able to submit to their accountant for statutory submission. I have been involved in a group of companies (4 ltd + 1 partnership - circa turnover £8 million) and 3 new start up companies involving turnovers between £100k to £1 million

I have tried to get work via the job centre and agency, but to no avail (I have been out of the accounting function for 18 months now, even though I have been studying AAT level 4). So I decided that MIP was the way to go forward

BUT NOW where do I go and how do I present myself. What I mean is where do I go to seek out new business and how do I sell myself?

I know this is a little vague, but I would presume that many of the MIP's would have had the same sort of issues and any pointers would be greatly appreciative

Many thanks



  • Surr3yaat
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    Hello Paul

    I'm in a similar situation to you, level 4 AAT, accounts background about to go it alone. I can't tell you what's worked for me (because I haven't done it yet!) but I can tell of a few things I plan on doing. This might be of help or others with experience could put us both right!

    First I was going to put an advert in our local magazine (£25 for a boxed ad seems reasonable), then I've read online that you can buy lists of newly incorporated businesses, so i thought that canvassing these might generate some clients. Failing that I think it's a case of picking up the phone and calling through local businesses that you want to target (i.e. builders, taxi drivers etc).

    Once you have a couple of clients on board I'm hoping that recommendations could be enough to keep the ball rolling for new business.

    Wishing you the very best of luck.

  • Paul Gilleade
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    Good luck Esther

    I agree with you idea's but be careful about buying lists - just a gut feeling about paying for something that could not be specific enough for your requirements

  • Melody87
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    I plan to start soon myself and have decided on driving round and visiting potential clients. It's far too easy to put the phone down on someone. I'll let you know if it works once i've tried :)
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