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Hi everyone,
I am hoping there are some sage experts on here. I do the bookkeeping for a charity and use sage. I am just doing the half year end and need to move departmental balances around. There are three departments and most expenses are posted to department one. However the other two get most of the funding so they have to make a contribution to department one to bring it in line with the management accounts. In other words I need to move a portion of the loss reported under department one to the other two departments.
My idea was to post journals using just departments and not nominal codes. So to credit department one with the amount to be absorbed by both departments and then to credit the other two departments. Would this work?



  • sheelagh
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    Department Code transfers

    Hi Antoinette,

    Unfortunately departmental adjustments do tend to be highly conspicuous in Sage.

    The journal method does work but you have to record the nominal code as well. So for example
    to move stationery from Dept code 1 to Dept code 2
    DR 7504 Dept 2
    CR 7504 Dept 1

    This does make the nominal activity reports a little difficult to read so you might want to export to Excel and tidy up the contra entries before presenting it to your client.
    Alternatively you can change department codes in the maintenance/corrections module. This leaves a trail of red lines which some poeple don't like. I think these would still show up on some reports.
  • Antoinnette
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    Thanks! Sounds like a fiddly proccess because the charity always apportion retrospectively to use up all the funds so its a little bit tricky to decide which nominal codes to charge as there are a lot of little entries. It may probably be easier to simply transfer funds to department one from the other departments instead of transferring the loss...the joys of sage
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