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I've recently started my first Accounting job, and have come accross one or two probs, can anyone help?

I'm currently studying level 3, since passing level 2 I have gone blank,

Using Sage, I think my mind has gone blank on exactly where I go to post wages expenses, (which an outside agency do) but invoice the company I work for, for the tax and NI, how and where to I post?

Also one off suppliers do I open a Sundry account in Sage? if so how?

And lastly I know where to record staff expenses but cant seem to find exactly where on sage this is? please please help, too worried to ask at work.


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    I am a huge fan of asking questions at work, if no one has shown you how can you simply "know"?

    First off you should have a chart of accounts, a list of all nominal codes, ask for this or print one from sage, go to company - and theres a button at the bottom to "print list".

    For suppliers we setup everyone but you could setup a new supplier as sundry in the supplier module. use the wizard for "new supplier" and fill in little detail call the company name Sundry supplier!. Just be careful when entering invoices to this as you will need enough detail to identify the suppliers from sage.

    We post staff expenses as invoices under a supplier named staff expenses and then analyse each expense to the relevant codes as a normal. They can alternatively be posted against a balance sheet code until payment is made as a journal. It depends what the expenses relate to to where you then code them.

    On a general note, your workplace and colleagues will assume that everything is ok unless you ask. 99% of bosses/managers would prefer to be asked the question than to find errors. I appreciate you don't want to seem like you dont know what your doing, but they are paid more to guide you and manage you. speak up! They should be happy to help.

    That said my goto is to analayse the past transactions (look at nominal activity) and see what was done in the past, then ask if it's right to do the same now.

    Sorry skirting the wages one as my brains not woke up yet. Leave that one for you to ask :)
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    Thank you so much for that :001_smile: I know I should speak up and will try. I just felt totally lost.
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    We all get that way at times. I guess the crux here is the difference between reality doing something and the principles taught in the classroom.

    Best of luck!
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