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Well I just logged into my AAT account and realised that I owe another year of fees.

It couldn't have come at a worst time as I found out today I have other one off bills of £150 and £90 to pay. All this before Christmas too :crying:

I'm only a student member and I actually only have my ICAS report to go. I've finished the second draft and am confident that it will be competent this time around. What do you think the consequence of me not paying my fees this time around might be? :glare: Do you think they would let me pass and I could do a runner :blushing:

Only said half tongue in cheek. I know I will end up crying apologetically down the phone and paying before the week is out.


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Daz

    You may be interested in this post

    It details how you can spread the cost of your AAT membership renewal fees over one, two or four months by direct debit.

    I was in the same boat as you regarding only having ICAS to complete and fees due in September (ICAS competent early October) so paid the renewal fee. I'm not sure if they can withhold the results from your MyAAT account if fees are unpaid. I paid mine as I wanted to ensure my results were updated and had also applied for full membership. Are you applying for full membership after you have completed ICAS?

    Good luck.
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  • Daz1865
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    Jo Clark wrote: »
    Are you applying for full membership after you have completed ICAS?
    Thanks for your feedback :thumbup1:

    I'm not sure about full membership to be honest. I know there are benefits but I'm not sure if I will make the most if it. What do you think? Is it worth it? Also, is there any additional fee to upgrade from student membership to full?
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