Studing a Degree in Forensic accounting ?

George Tse
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It has been something like 3 years since I have passed my AAT qualification all I have is 8 days of work experience in a temp role. I am finding it very tough to get a job right now due to not having a degree and not being able to apply for the graduate roles.

I have been looking at degrees at my local universities and Sheffield Hallam University does a degree in Forensic accounting.

I will be able to join the course with the AAT qualification I currently hold. But I am wondering if it is worth spending another four years gaining a degree in accounting ? When I finish the degree I will be 27-28 years old. Is thats too old to not have any work experience ?

It is stressing me out right now as I cannot decided on what to do with my career. I have been thinking about changing careers but I went on to study the AAT right after leaving school which mean I have no A levels. It looks like I am stuck with Accounting for the rest of my life.

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  • Paul C
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    I can't really comment on the degree apart from that it sounds very specialized, I don't see many Forensic Accountants posts advertised? Have you been into your local career advice services to ask the experts? Can you phone the Universities to get their advice? I'm assuming you have tried all the recruitment agencies for work? Especially the accounting staff specialist ones - they have all the contacts. There are posts being filled out there at all levels often just via the agencies. Also try making contacts / friends in accounting at your local AAT branch(s) events?

    Good luck
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