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Hi folks,

I appreciate this may be quite subjective, but can anyone give me a broad outline of level 4?
I'm trying to plan expenditure for work and also looking to book exams as far in advance as possible - I've been caught out before with no availability for 6 weeks etc.
I'm starting with Financial statements and plan to take personal and business tax as my 2 options.

How long should I allow and how much content is there for each of the modules? I've been giving level 3 between 3-5 weeks depending on the difficulty of the module. Is level 4 substantially harder?

Would love to hear peoples thoughts :thumbup:


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    Well i set myself a target of 9 months to complete the CBTs leaving me with 3 months for ICAS. This is my own personal target mind.

    1 month for budgeting as it is very much a follow on from Costs & Revenues in my eyes. 2 months each for the other 4 exams, i too have taken both taxes for optionals.

    You could do it a lot quicker, my reasoning for spending this amount of time per unit is that it takes up to 6 weeks to receive a result, therefore if you fail it is nearly 2 months before a resit plus the added costs as well (being self funded this was a no brainer)

    ICAS you could probably do alongside the CBTs. I recommend Budgeting followed by Financial Performance as there is some overlap. The same with Personal Tax followed by Business Tax (overlap again)

    Financial Statements is wordy, with a lot to memorise. The time frame for this one depends on how quickly it sinks in lol.

    Good luck

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