Next step after AAT?

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Hi guys and girls, hope all your studies are going well.

I am in need of some quality advice and what better place than AAT forums. I aint been on here for some time unfortuantely.

My situation currently is that i passed the AAT Diploma in may 2011, managed to get first time passes even though i have never worked in a financial environment. I still have not been able to get any sort of financial experience so i have the AAT qualification but no experience. My current job has nothing to do with accounts.

The advice that I need is what should I do next, am thinking of continuing my studies and starting ACCA. I am happy to pay the costs myself but I am unsure as to where to study it.

Kaplan and BPP are obvious choices but BPP Milton Keynes has not the best feedback from former students. Another option is to study it on a part-time basis with the University of Bedfordshire. I want to learn in a classroom based environment.

So my questions are:
1) Is it a good time to undertake ACCA after a gap of nearly 2years?
2) Where is it best to study, A uni or a learning provider such as BPP, Kaplan..etc

Your advice would be highly appreciated..Thanks for reading:001_smile:


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    Firstly, well done on completing the AAT qualification!

    It's good that you show drive to continue to develop, so you definitely have the determination! It would probably be worth speaking to both the training providers and the uni in person and asking what they think would be best for you. They will each be able to tell you what meaures they have in place to ease people back into the swing of things after a study break.

    They may also be aware of accounts-based work experience that may help further.

    If possible, it would also be beneficial to speak to other students. They can show you the work required for the units and which bits they found most difficult or easy.

    Good luck, whichever route you take!
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    Well done on completing level 4!

    Funnily enough I am in the exact same position as you. 100% Exam success but still suffering from lack of exposure in a finance related role.

    I am also completely at a cross roads as what to do next. CIMA Vs ACCA? What is really more credible in the eyes of employers? Can anyone help?

    It is a shame that we are only exempt from 3 exams with the ACCA. Seems a bit stingy ya know?

    I hear the ACCA intend to "computerise" all their professional exams at some stage. Setting all exams in a "on-demand" format.

    I really wish all chartered bodies would do the same!

    Sorry mate have not been much help. I never expected to get this far with my studies.
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    I'm in exactly the same position as you Magician,

    No finance or accounts experience, finding it hard to find such a position even with first time

    passes through the levels, and now the time is near i can't chooses between CIMA or ACCA.

    I thought it would be cut and dried since i want to work in industry rather than become self employed

    or work in practice. I have spent the last 12 months swinging between the 2 qualifications, up until

    Saturday it was definitely CIMA, but this morning i have just priced up the gear for ACCA F6 lol.

    Most of the vacancies have part qual/qual CIMA/ACCA lol just to confuse.

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