Excel 2003 v 2007

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Hi all
Taking SPSW in a couple of weeks and the exam center use Excel 2007. I'm using 2003 at home, does anyone know if there are any major differences between the two?


  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 2,526Registered
    Yes - the menu bars look different and some of the functions/options are in different places, for example, select print area is not under the print preview area on 'file' like it used to be and data validation has moved. There are other differences but I can't list them all here.

    Try and have a go on 2007 before your exam to familiarise yourself with the layout :o

    Good luck.
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    I learnt with 2003, and my employer upgraded to 2010 a week before the exam which really threw me, but I still passed (100%), so it can be done.

    Jo makes a good suggestion though, it would be good if you can familiarise yourself with it all the better.

    All the best!!
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