Self studying with osbourne books

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Hi all I have already ordered ap1 & 2 tutorial and workbook as I'm not working at the moment so want to study as cheap as possible,I also want to pass these by Xmas is there anyone out there that thinks this is possible or not?



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    Welcome to the forum!!

    I studied API & II with the online classroom and then self-studied the remainder of Level 3 with BPP (nothing to compare against but brilliant books). The online classroom schedule was 5 wks for API and 2 for APII, but thats spending 6-10 hours a week, so your plan it seems manageable. I does depends on your existing knowledge too.

    I self studied the rest of Level 3 and most of Level 4 (FNST online classroom - employers choice until I assured him it would be cheaper self-studying)!! So it is achievable, although I did have to get stronger glasses from all the intense reading!!

    Don't forget the forum is a great support - I only found it when I was on my second Level 4 exam!!
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    It depends partly on your own knowledge of course, and how well you pick it up but I'd say you should be able to complete these by Christmas, if you have the time to dedicate. I did both modules self-study with a total of 4 weeks studying/revision, I'd say that was about 10 hours each week. Maybe 12 hours as I tend to do as many practice assessments as I can find.

    Good luck with both - make sure you book your exams in good time if you're going to be going through them quickly.
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    Hi guys thanks for that it really helps I have completed aat level 2 so I just thought that ap 1&2 would run straight on from that really and as I'm not working st the minute I thought I could spend my days studying as much as I can.

    I love this forum thank you all for ur replies I'm sure I will start using it more when I get started.
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