Financial Statements: AAT Books? Wrong Answer?

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Hi Guys/ Girls,

Is anyone using the AAT Books for Financial Statements?

On Test 6 of the first chapter the question answer goes as follows -

SOFP (answers in £'000) just cannot format on the site

P&p&e 5852

Current Assets
Inventories 5292
Trade Rec' 3578
Total Assets 14722

Equity & Liabilities
Retained Earnings 6042
Share Capital 840
Reval' Reserve 1365

Non Current Liab.
Bank Loan (2100)

Current Liab
Bank OD (420)
Trade Payables (3675)
Tax payable (280)
Total Liabilities (6475)

Total Equity and Liabilities 14277

Can someone tell me if this answer from the book is wrong?

I keep coming to the figure of £16,494 as my total equity and liabilities but every other answer is the same!

Many Thanks!


  • janwal
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    The total Equity and liabilities is 14722

    Total Equity + total liabilities = 8247 + 6475 = 14722

  • beckyln
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    Thanks for you're reply.

    Not sure why it is a plus and not a minus but I will go and find out why!
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