Urgent BGT question!!

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I was wondering if any students that have done the Budgeting exam know the answer to this.. I'm panicking as my exam is tomorrow!!

The working schedule and operating budget is set out differently in the CBTs. In the working schedule for Materials how do you work out how much closing stock is? I'm with Kaplan and in the revision kit is set out differently already giving this figure, however in the CBT it doesn't give it, how do you work this out?

Thanking you in advance!


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    I had to work this one out to when doing this question as was at first confused but worked out you have to find the balancing figure.

    So going by the 'Practice CBT 1' on the AAT website its on question 1.3.
    You need to fill in the 'Used in Production' and 'Closing Inventory' boxes in terms of materials and monetry value.
    So finding the 'used in production' Kg which is 30,000 units x 0.55kg of material = 16,500Kg.
    'Closing Inventory' Kg is the Sub-total - Used in production. So 17,600 - 16,500 = 1,100.

    From this information you can find the closing inventory for the £ column. Look at the Purchases row and do the sum : £27,125 / 15,500Kg = £1.75. So it cost £1.75 per Kg. Times the Closing Inventory Kg by this to find the cost of this.
    £1.75 x 1100 = £1925

    Now you have the closing inventory you can use this to find the balancing figure.
    Sub-total of £29,125 - Closing inventory of £1,925 = £27,200 which is your figure.

    Hope this helps!

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