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I've just filed a vat return through HMRC's site for a client and straight away realised that I'd included a bank transfer as income so have filed the wrong figure. :ohmy: Is there any way to file an amended one so the client can pay the correct amount of vat due or do I just write in and give them the correct figures?


  • Fingersan
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    Hi Jilt

    I am afraid not. You will need to write to the VAT corrections team and explain the erroe. You can also complete a form VAT 652. More info here:

    All the best.

  • Jan
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    I've just done something similar, well included income from last quarter that my clients has already paid :blushing:
    Problem being he struggles to pay anyway and I've overstated the VAT due by £1000. Realise I need to write to VAT corrections team, but how long does it take and how will the refund be made? Instructions say 15 working days, which will be about the time he need to make the payment!
    Got very hot in my office when I realised what I'd done.

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    I think that you can only write to the amendments team if the error of vat paid is more than £10k out. I did it once where I got box 4 and 5 figures the wrong way around so the client had more to pay than he should have and phoned up immedietly and was told there was nothing I could do and just to adjust on the next return. luckily it didn't make a big difference to the liability and the client wasn't bothered, but then last year I overstated a return by a couple of hundred quid in error and ended up having to pay the excess out of my own money and getting it back from the client in the next quarter. horrible situations!
  • Jan
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    Oh great, that's all I need!:crying:
  • Jan
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    Method 2: for errors of a net value between £10,000 and £50,000 that exceed the limit in paragraph 4.3, or for net errors greater than £50,000.00, or if you so choose, for errors of any size

    May be able to use VAT 652 afetr all.
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