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Hi guys,

I got my first feedback for my ICAS project which was mainly positive but my tutor said it is not clear on what accounting package is used and whether this is integrated..

Not sure if it is just me but I can't see a clear answer to the system used - it looks like there are several different record keeping systems but can't work out how the sales/purchases ledger is run..

any advice greatly appreciated!!!


  • Whirlwind
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    I had similar feedback but my tutor wrote "the name of the database package used for these ledgers is on page 18 of the case study". So its definitely in there but not easily seen!!

    Happy hunting!!
  • Spamkebab
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    Well i've read page 18 a dozen times, i can see a number of different programs used but not the one i need to answer the question.

    This Plan is harder than writing the report, there is very little in the way of advice on how to approach the plan and i don't 'get' some of the requirements, or which part is being referred to. Totally confused.

    Was going to knock this up at the weekend, now i think i'll just play the new Hitman instead lol.

  • emma1990
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    Me too!!!

    I can see how it is described but not the actual name of it, feel like I am back at square one!
    I have written 3500 words and now back to this simple part of it!
  • liveprincess
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    Do you have to submit a plan first before writing a report? I'm not doing ICAS yet, but when I did my dissertation at uni I was told to write the main part first, and plan at the end as it's easier, and if you change your mind about what you want to include, you don't have to worry that you're not sticking to the plan :001_tongue:
  • emma1990
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    I was never told to do a plan but not sure if i will have to!
    But as you said makes it harder if you change things!!
  • platford
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    I'm confused about what accounting system is used as well! I assumed that when they say ' the principal financial
    accounting system comprises an integrated General, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable set of ledgers' that it would be eg Sage but am completely confused by the 'system.... holds data in a non-relational database' Not being too tech-savvy I am completely baffled. How can the system be integrated and yet hold data in a non-relational database? Surely that data relates to each other as it were if the accounts system s integrated? Apologies if I am being a
    complete fool! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather do 5 more exams that this project. sigh
  • Mollypod88
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    I am stuck on this as well. Can't see the name of the package used :lol:

    I'm finding the report awful!
  • Whirlwind
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    I too found this a pickle to unravel.

    With the paragraph that is describing the packages used, I broke down each section of the department (Inventory, Payroll, Costing, ...), then added what I found they used. My tutor rejected my first description of the system used by Receiveables, Payables & General Ledgers, so ended up looking for 'naming' words and which words started with capital letters - felt like a four year old, but got there in the end!!
  • janwal
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    Glad I'm not on my own hadve been working on this most of the weekend, but feel I'm getting nowhere. Have wrote around 1800 words and only have the recommendations and cost benefits to do. Problem is I am running out of time I have to upload 1st draft by Friday :(
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