Fnst - exam layout

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Hello All

I have my FNST exam on Thursday next week.

There is an awful lot of material to cover (why oh why do we have to memorise so many equations, for what purpose does this serve? Why Consolidated Statements at ALL?)

From what I can see the exam is:

A trail balance with additions then prepare a SOCI and a SOFP
Some general questions and a written task on definitions etc.
A consolidated SOCI and SOFP

Part 2

Some multi-choice
Wriiten tasks on ratios etc

What I would like to know is, has anyone had to do a Statement of Cash Flows or Statement in Changes to Equity or indeed a Reconciliation Statement (for Statement of Cash Flows)?

Is its always a SOCI and a SOFP with a Consolidated SOCI and SOFP or do they change it around?

Would like to hear as many answers as possible on this!

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