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I've passed my first exam the other week but I have my cash management exam on 6th Dec and I've struggled with this since we started. I have a couple of sets of test questions and the book but want to do as much as I can so i wondered if anyone knew if there was anywhere I could find old papers or more questions other than the 4 aat practice assessments.
Thanks in advance.


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    Here are 2 tests from osbourne books- but I would look on the website for the books you have been studying from too as you'll probably find they have revision exercises/mock exams :) good luck for your exam, I've got Accounts Prep 1 on Friday, followed by Accounts Prep 2 in a couple of weeks time.

  • Kelly7
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    Ooh thank you. I will look on there. Strange how my college doesn't have any past papers.
    Good luck in your exams, we've just started accounts prep 1. X x
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