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I don't know if this is me being thick and the answer is plainly simply but I've a problem with a clients Sage and I just cant fathom the answer.

So, to explain, the 2011 year ends on 31 July. In order to get the b/fwd figures correct at 01 Aug
2010 I've entered various adjustments so that the Brought Forward TB matches exactly the c/fwd Balance sheet from 2010. All good. The 2011 final figures are fine, various adjustments made and the figures are correct. Year end processed.

The problem now lies with the b/fwd figures in the 2012 year - the figures are all out. The reason (it would appear) is there's a b/fwd figure in each nominal account, which Sage is taking into account when transferring to the P&L at year end. So all figures have been changed in the process.

Why therefore is Sage bringing forward a balance to 2012 when the account should be simply cleared, either reduced to zero in the P&L or the correct c/fwd fig in the BS, ready for the new year?

Anyone who can shed some kind of light be gratefully received!



  • Bluewednesday
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    Is the year end set correctly?

    Otherwise the only time I have found balances b/f in the profit and loss account is when someone has backdated transactions into a previous year end. Could that have happened since you ran the year end?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I've just gone back and reworked the year end, as at 31 July the figures are exact to the penny. I've ran the year end again and printed off the b/fwd TB. Its completely out again, the reason it appears is they're brought forward figures dated 30/11/11 that I cant get rid off and haven't a clue why they've been included.

    Any ideas?!

    Many thanks again

  • Bluewednesday
    Bluewednesday Registered Posts: 1,624
    Is the year end date definitely set correctly? Just having a guess here but is it possible that someone ran the year end in November by mistake?
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