Free books!!!

KimGlynn27KimGlynn27 New MemberPosts: 10Registered

I'm giving away all the books listed below, they are used but all looked after. All I ask is that you pay the postage by PayPal :)

I'm giving them away because I don't want to go to the effort of eBay or put them in the bin!!

Osborne Books - Foundation Accounting (second edition) - Workbook
Osborne Books - Foundation Accounting (second edition) - Tutorial
Osborne Books - Office Skills - Combined Text
Osborne Books - Cash Management - Tutorial
Osborne Books - Sole Trader & Partnership Accounts (for accounts prep 1 & 2) - Tutorial
Osborne Books - Spreadsheet Software - Tutorial
Osborne Books - Budgeting - Tutorial

I'm not sure what year they all are but they are from the past 3 years (all different levels)


  • lakshlaksh New Member Posts: 20Registered

    I would like to take cash management book. Could you please send me the cost of postage for book and details.

    Thank you
  • KimGlynn27KimGlynn27 New Member Posts: 10Registered
    Hi Laksh,

    Not a problem. Will let you know tomorrow :)
  • yoorrayoorra Just Joined Posts: 7Registered

    I'm quite happy to take all of them if it's ok with you?
    Please let me know about postage cost if yes.

    Thank you~

  • StephanieStephanie Settling In Nicely Posts: 20Registered

    Hi Please I would like to have the Sole trader and Partnership accounts. I would like to have the postage cost. Thank you.
  • lankylanky Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    Free Books

    I am a complete new starter, can I have the rest of the books? I am happy to pay for the postage.
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