Does anyone have high Cholesterol?

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Just wondered if anyone here has high Cholesterol.
Or was high and managed to lower it through diet and exercise.
Or has been prescribed statins.



  • janwal
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    Hi Yazi

    I have what is known as inherited high cholestrol, but have managed to lower it by diet. I switched to skimmed milk, use spray fats to cook and a minimal amount of spreads. So far avoided medication.
  • Yazi
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    Hi Janwal

    Thanks for your reply. Thats interesting as doc says I also have 'inherited high cholestrol'. But he says that diet will not make any difference and wants me to go on Statins.

    I want to try the diet (well not diet really at am only little anyway, but less of the bad stuff..butter, wine, cheese, yumyums..)

    Guess I will try and see what occurs...

    (why did someone in the office have to buy Yum Yums today!)
  • jewels.p
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    Hi Yazi,

    My other half is on Statins as he has inherited high cholesterol. He has been on them for six years now. We were told that diet doesnt usually help but if you dont want to take the tablets it's worth a try first.
  • janwal
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    Hi Yazi

    Both my parents and one of my brothers are on the tablets as they were in a very high band, I suppose it depends on the reading, mine was a 5 whareas my Mums was a 13.

    Hope you get it sorted.
  • Yazi
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I have been doing some research. Apparently a glass of red wine per day is good. (not all bad)
    :001_smile: And dark chocolate. :001_unsure:
    And a handful of almonds.. :thumbdown:
    and Garlic.. (as long as the other half has it too...)
    and lots of beans...:laugh:

    Plus cutting out the cheese and butter.

    Will try and see how it goes.

    ps mine is 7.4 with a bad bit of 4.4.
  • liveprincess
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    My nan has sky high cholesterol (can't remember the number) and she doesn't accept the medication (she has bad heart as well). She has been having a spoon of mixture of corn oil, aloe juice and lemon every morning (it is disgusting but has no side effects) and after couple of months she was re-tested and cholesterol went down by half.
  • Yazi
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    Ok Update!

    Been on the 'Engine 2' diet for the last month.

    Old result = 7.4
    New result = 5.4

    Diet (as in a different way of eating)

    So happier that wont have to go on Statins!

  • janwal
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    That's great news Yazi, mine has gone down as well as I am doing Slimming World so have cut out all fats.

  • Bluewednesday
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    Hopefully not cut out all fats, there are fat soluble vitamins that require at least a small amount of the healthy fats janwal
  • janwal
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    No not all but most, only use fry lite to cook, don't use any on bread( don't eat a lot of bread ) don't eat cakes, so a lot less than what I did.
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