AAT Level 4 FNST... HELP!

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Hi there

I'm new to the forum and just after a bit of advice really... :confused1:

I'm sitting my Level4 financial statements exam this evening and I'm completely stressing out! :crying:
I just can't remember all of the IAS info (there's too much!)

Does anyone know how much these questions affect the overall result of the exam???

I think I'm ok with the financial statements and the ratios..it's just the IAS theory!

Also...is the last question always about the Conceptual Framework?? After looking through all the practice papers it appears this way but I just want to make sure.

I'm very grateful for any help/advice!!

Thank you


  • crispy
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    From memory, you don't really have to know chapter and verse over every IAS - just the main points and how to apply them, I don't think the examiner is expecting you to be able to recite every detail of every standard.

    This may sound boring but it may be worth learning by rote the definitions of asset, liability, equity etc. as this question does seem to pop up quite often. It also appears on later papers (coma/acca)if you choose to continue after AAT so may be handy in being able to come out with these.
  • crispy
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    Hi Again :)

    Just to add, if you do continue to study post aat, you may find this book very useful in dealing with those long and dull IAS.


    I don't know if this is still up to date, but this is what I used during cima (I paid about £ 25 I think not £100+)
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    Hi Steph,

    I've heard that a large bulk of the IAS content was removed from the syllabus in September. I haven't seen if this has changed the layout of the exam as I took it back in May. I found that the key to the IAS revision is to make bullet points on each one. You don't need to know each one in too much depth just the main point.

    Good luck :)
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