Text Books Arrived - Which one first?

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I need advice on which text book to start with. My company want me to finish my AAT, but have blocked all external training this year. So my new line manager ordered the text books for me (as I was going to do home study) he assumed I'd be thrilled with this. Mmmm considering the weight of the box, yeah thrilled isn't the word that springs to mind:lol:

In all seriousness as I will be doing this without tutor or online support, is there an order these units should be done in. My plan is to sit half of the units in April 13 and then the remaining in Dec 13.

Any advice would be appreciated or any copies of old exam questions would be fantastic.



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    Guessing you on level 4 then it depends on what you did last on level 3. If you did CRS, then I would suggest BGT then FNPF. If you did APII, then I would study FNST.

    I have left ICAS until last (provider suggestion) and it definitely been worth it as I have been able to use previous units to pad out my knowledge.

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    Hello Sue

    Welcome to the forum! :D

    I agree with Whirlwind. Leave ICAS until last (I did) and I would recommend doing Financial Statements first.

    As you are studying without a tutor or online support, if you have any questions whilst studying come post them here as there are lots of people who will help you.

    I'm not sure when you completed level 3, however you mention sitting half the exams in April and the rest in December. Are you aware that the exams are per unit now, completed on a computer and results take up to six weeks. You will also need a training provider for ICAS.

    Good luck.

    JC :o
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    Hi Sue,
    Check if any of the books and exams are time sensitive - if you are doing Personal Tax and Business Tax, then you may have the books for the Finance Act 2011, and this exam may have to be taken by approx April/May 2013??? please check. I used this book for the exam taken last March, and I know that our group were one of the first to take it. I am not sure when the Finance Act 2012 books become available?
    Otherwise, it depends on what work experience you have which may help you, I did ICAS in the summer break before I started level 4, and that worked well for me. I then did Financial statements, which I found tough, and fortunately passed, then Credit Management much easier, Budgeting was fine, Personal Tax fine, and lastly Financial Performance quite challenging!
    There are old exams and Greenlight tests on here which I found very helpful, and also great help from other students here on the forum.
    Good luck,
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