lvl 4 - please advice (opt.exams, tutor videos, exams order)

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Grettings to everyone,
I wonder is it worth to pay 200 pounds for Kaplan tutor videos?
From optional exams, I am going to take PTAX and BTAX, is it worth to sit 2 other one instead of? For example Ex.Auditing looks really easily.
Which order you think is the best to study and sit all exams. I study only distance learning and sat exams without help or resit.
In kaplan I have tutor support, which I don't use really, but it will be worthy on level 4 I believe.
I have already Ptax and Btax books from 2010, so I have an idea what it is and I believe it is most important knowledge's for real life practice(tax returns must be done)

Thanks, for advice in front.


  • anniebabe
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    Hi, I have used these services before - with Kaplan and BPP - they are very good - and you get the books too - would rate it as you can keep reviewing bits you do not understand. I honestly dont think that I would have passed all 4 of my recently sat exams without it. Defo worth the cash if you have it - and dont forget you will get tutor support too.
    I sat PTX first and then BTX - and this was the best way for me as quite a lot of BTX is included in PTX.
    Good Luck.
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