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Hi everyone!
Next week I need to choose my optional exams for Lev. 4. I've planned to do an external audit and personal tax as I'd like to take the easiest exam. But is the external audit really easier than Business tax? I'm quite tired with my last 3 compulsory exams (1 of them yet awaited) and want to have something not so tough.:confused1:


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi Bozena10,
    I took External Auditing last summer and I wouldn't say it is an easier exam than PTax or Business Tax. It's just very different, very wordy, not one computation in sight. A bit dry and a bit similar to Internal Control. There have already been a few threads on the subject if you wish to read more on this.
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    Hi Bozena10,

    I sat EXA and both taxes (employers choice). I am one those students that found auditing dry - you have to get into a certain critical/suspicious mindset. I have even assisted in a minor way with auditing at work and yet it bored me to death!! Although EXA really helped with ICAS it was still a mare of a subject!!

    Enjoy whatever you decide.
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