FNST Webinar

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Is there a copy of the FNST Webinar that took place yesterday evening on the aat website?

Can you tell me where to find it?

I've got my exam on Tuesday and wanted to have a look.




  • anniebabe
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    Laura - just read this on a post further down.
    Doesnt look like it will be uploaded this week :(

    Hi all,

    Regarding the webinar - you're not the only ones who are confused by this. I've given an explanation to another member on Facebook today, but to summarise: •We received more demand for this webinar than we were set up to accommodate
    •Unfortunately we mistakenly sent out reminder emails to people who couldn't attend
    •However, we will be providing a recording of this webinar; and a recording of a similar webinar the following week
    Apologies for the confusion and any frustration caused here - hopefully everyone who wants to see the webinar should find a way to do so.

    I'd also suggest you check out the AAT e-learning resources on Financial Statements, if you haven't already; here's a summary of Steve Collings's tips on AAT Comment; and as mentioned previously in this thread, if you're near the Midlands our Birmingham branch has a Level 4 revision event next week.

  • janwal
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    Hi Laura

    I got an email today, telling me to go on here but haven't worked it out yet


  • anniebabe
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    That link works, thanks Janwal.
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